Notes on deck: Seeking industry innovators

September 19, 2017 bradycdurr


Hi. Brady Durr here from Mortgage Medic USA with another episode of notes on deck where I talk about notes on my deck. Today is the 70th anniversary of the United States Air Force (18 September 1947) and it only became about because of visionaries like Curtis LeMay Jimmy Doolittle these people had a vision for air superiority and air doctrine and used it and applied it to the battlefield.

They are not unlike a lot of the visionaries we see in the distress note space educators like Scott Carson and Eddie Speed. People that are fantastic at data mining like Brett Palumbo. Other innovators who helped streamline business creation and entity creation like Aaron young from Laughlin associates. All these individuals had a vision for their company and found a way to advance the doctrine of real estate and note investing.

Whatever field you’re in there are innovators. Find those innovators: if you’re in social media marketing if you’re into real estate, if you’re into transportation logistics there’s innovators in those fields. Find them, learn from them and apply their principles and doctrine to your business model and it will help you advance to reach your goals. I thank you for your time and have a good day.